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Origin Story

In January 2014, we started NOLASECURE.IT LLC. Our focus then was to offer exceptional service in a complicated IT landscape. Information Security started to be taken seriously with the anouncement of high profile hacks. As a young start-up we focused on using open-source technology to provice quality service and reliable solitions to our clients.

Over the years we accumulated tools, methods and know-how that allowed us to keep our quality consistant as we grew our client base.

With the maturity of technology such as automated deployments and container technology, our toolbox became a lot easier to deploy and manage. That gave us the idea to share our toolbox with other IT firms so they can also offer reliablie and affortable service to their respective clients.

In October 2018 we created Madstone Technology.

Andhi Jeannot

Andhi Jeannot

Co-founder and CEO

Andhi's definition of technology is applied knowledge. Asking the question "how can we use this tech in a practical way?" is usually the starting point for every project. As solution architect Andhi will come up with right technology to solve the right issue. Areas of interest and expertise: MacOS, iOS, Redhat Linux, Cloud Computing and Open-Source software.


  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA)
  • MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer (MTCRE)
  • Apple Certified Macintosh Technician
Reggie Galjour

Reggie Galjour

Co-founder and CSO

Reggie is a security specialist who loves falling down arcane Wikipedia rabbit-holes in her spare time. She is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional and holds a Master's Degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security. She tells herself that she finally done with school.


Jared Gore

Jared Gore

Co-founder and CTO

Jared is a Security and Operations fanboy. He loves automation, Linux, and has a dangerous obsession with the Internet of Things. He became a Certified Information Systems Security Professional in 2016, but he also has a bunch of other letters behind his name that don't mean much. 


  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • CEH
  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • Ubiquiti Wireless Broadband Admin

What is our Mission?

We believe Technology is a tool that should be used to help any organization acheive their goal and purpose. We do not think technology should dictate how an organization does business, but rather should enhance its processes.

The incentives in the marketplace at the moment are to lock an organization in with a new technology and to make it difficult to try alternatives. Inertia and technical debt are two important factors that prevent organizations to try better solutions.

At Madstone Technology, we belive technology should be simple to try, implement and maintain. Our cloud platforms does the heavy-lifting of deploying, configuring, monitoring and maintaining technologies used to manage businesses.

Our mission is to offer enterprise grade technology at an affortable price. We target technologies that support the daily operations but also the security of the technolgy used by all organizations.

Who are our clients

We aim to support the people who support businesses. We will offer tools and solutions to everyone that must use technology to support and maintain IT infrastructure. If you are an internal IT department and looking for technology to support your organization or if you are an external IT firm that provide support to your clients we believe Madstone Technology can offer you products and services that will help you acheive your goal.

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